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Saved by the Light


Dannion Brinkley & Seth Paul Perry

    I listened to Saved by the Light as an audio book on cassette read by the author, Dannion Brinkley.  It is a moving, educational, near-death, after-life experience.

    Dannion's mother had told him as a youngster to never talk on the phone during a lightning storm.  Just as he was about to end a conversation with his partner, he was struck by lightning through the phone.  This book is about the experiences he had with the Beings of Light that he met while being clinically dead.

    The Beings of Light showed Dannion 117 prophecies, most of which have come true to date.  They changed his life and his perspective on life in amazing ways.  They also gave him an assignment to set up centers where people can learn to re-energize using specialized resources that he would have to figure out.

    Dannion returned to the Beings of Light throughout his long and difficult recovery.  He survived against all odds.  No one believed that anyone so severely injured could live and recover.  He knows that he has found his true  mission in reaching out to people through hospice programs and helping teach people involved in Hospice.  He has no fear of dying after his experiences and shares his insights with those preparing to die and their loved ones.

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