Welcome to The Metaphysical Center

We are dedicated to helping you find teachers to assist you on your path to knowing and connecting with Your Higher Power.

We are non-denominational, and believe that there have been and continue to be many masters, teachers, and guides to assist us on our paths to being enlightened.  We have entered the Aquarian age, a time for all things Metaphysical to be brought into enlightenment, or into our conscious awareness.

Metaphysical means beyond the physical, therefore, encompassing those things belonging to the spiritual.  In many cases, metaphysical methods can link us with knowledge that is brought to us from the spirit-side, through channeling, hypnosis, or our learning to get in touch with  the power of our own intuitive abilities.  It is within the means of each and everyone of us, not just “special” or gifted people, to be able to participate in the knowledge and assistance these forces can bring into our lives.

The Metaphysical Center is here to assist you in finding ways to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, on your journey to enlightenment.  A place to research, re-new and re-energize your spirit in our hectic, fast-paced world.

There have been, and continue to be, many messengers to guide us through the current transition to enlightenment.  The real lessons are simple:

  • God is Love & God Loves You

    • God has always loved you, and always will

      • Man is not “bad” or sin-filled

    • It is important for you to love yourself

    • It is essential for you to see God in others and love them

  • Heaven is Here

    • Or Hell if that is what you are Creating

    • It is a Choice

  • Life is eternal

    • Man is more than just a body

    • There is life after death

  • Inner Peace is the Answer

The Metaphysical Center is here to help each and every person to come to these realizations.  Our planet is populated with billions of people, all unique and learning at their own pace.  I hope this site will be a good source for you to discover new teachers and ideologies, and to assist you with whatever you are dealing with at this moment.  We all have a path, a purpose, a reason for being here, and lessons to learn. Remember, it’s about the journey!

The Metaphysical Center has all the resources you need to get to know your Inner Spirit and God better:

  • Books, New & Used

    • My Reviews to help you find new guidance

    • Your reviews, if you send them in to me to help others

  • Exceptional CD’s & DVD’s on Many Helpful Topics

  • Seminars

  • Coaching

    • Life Coaching

    • Spiritual Coaching

      • For those days when you forget that your glass is really half full.

Please email any suggestions for resources and links that you have found helpful on your path.  If you have read some of the books, or related items, send me YOUR review, so I can put it on the web and we can all start sharing.

Come back often because, the only thing that is constant, is change…