You may be surprised to learn that the majority of the modern-day self-help ideas that we practice today truly aren’t original at all. Every contemporary book that you’re reading on self-help, including “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, came from concepts from the past – some are even very ancient concepts.

* Yoga– This method of self-care has been around for eons and comes from Asia. There are several types of Yoga practics today that profess to assist everyone in taking care of their mind, body and spirit.

* Prayer– Studies have actually shown that prayer modifies brain chemistry and assists individuals who pray to have more favorable lives and feel happier. Numerous types of prayer have been around since civilization began and likely before. By offering our issues to a higher being, people have actually found methods to become happier.

* Meditation– Originating in Asian nations, meditation has appeared in lots of different cultures as a method to relax, to concentrate on and ask for answers to our pressing concerns, and to attempt to access parts of our mind that we do not otherwise know how to get to. Today, mediation is thought to lower high blood pressure and assist individuals with severe illness in handling their illnesses and treatment better.

* Positive Thinking– You may think about this as new-age but absolutely nothing could be further from reality. The concept of positive thinking actually began with the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Today, the power of controlling our thinking can be seen in books and programs like “The Secret”.

* Self-Acceptance– Some people think that everything is originated from fate and that our lives are already laid out before we arrive. So, to be happy you need to have an acceptance of the divine, and control your actions through self-discipline rather than trying to manage what happens.

* Self-Sufficiency– Epicurus taught that the best way to be happy is by avoiding pain and that you can do that by surrounding yourself with loved ones and by experiencing as much pleasure as possible, however not in a hedonistic sort of way. We ourselves are accountable for our happiness, not external forces.

* The Golden Rule– Confucius is said to have originated the concept of dealing with others as you would have them treat you. Today, this can be said to be the “Dr. Phil” style idea: that you are showing people ways to treat you by how you treat them and how you treat yourself. You set the standard of what can be done to you and those around you.

* Self-Actualization – The Greek philosopher Plato developed the concept that you need to study yourself deeply to comprehend and uncover the presents that God has actually given you so that you can find your true purpose. You can discover a few of these concepts in the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.

As you see the majority of these self-help techniques were begun prior to your being born. They were simply repackaged into new ideas by numerous authors, physicians and theologians as their own ideas. Some of these self-help teachers are not so forthcoming about where their ideas originated, while a rare few here and there quote and credit the ancient theorists.

The Power of Positive Thinking

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